Hope​(​less) EP

by All Gone Grey

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This EP is dedicated to those who thought life was hopeless.
There is hope.


released September 17, 2013

All Gone Grey is:

Matt Goings: Vocals
Gabriel Murrieta: Guitar
Jason Schmidt: Guitar
Lacey Carter: Bass
Lamar Butler: Drums

Additional vocals on tracks 1-4 by Jacob Spigle of Error404
Additional vocals on tracks 5-6 by Nick Beaty

Tracks 1, 3-6 written by All Gone Grey
Track 2 written by All Gone Grey and Philip Temple

Produced by Evan Blaine
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Evan Blaine at World Championship Studios in Ormond Beach, FL

Artwork, design & photographs by Thomas Filbert of Secret Keeper

2013 All Gone Grey



all rights reserved


All Gone Grey Daytona Beach, Florida

Post-Hardcore / Pop Punk band from Daytona Beach.


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Track Name: Rose
Oh, sick rose, I am the invisible worm
I've found my way inside of your beautiful skin, you fell for all my lies
Now there's no way out, no escaping
The plans that I am making

I'm keeping you hostage
I hope you feel nauseas
When I use your soul it's all that your worth

(You're shaking hard) You can feel me in your blood
(But you're scarred) It is leaving you with sorrow and joy
(I'm in your heart) And my dark secret love
(I'm in your heart) Does thy life destroy

Oh, sick rose, I've found your bed of crimson joy
I am the chemical, I am the poison that sucks your life away
Your withering means nothing to me
But you are finally free

You can feel me in your blood
It is leaving you with sorrow and joy
And my dark secret love, does thy life destroy
Track Name: Deeper than Roxanne
Dear Roxy, here's my heart in ink
This letter's all the words my soul thinks
Please tell me you'll always think of me like a star in the sky
I'll kiss the words you speak to me, you'll make my heart cry

Why do you find my presence so haunting?
Aren't we lovers turned from friends?
Your corrupt eyes, they see right through me
And I fall in love again, dear Roxanne

Dear Roxy, why haven't you written back?
It's like a rhythm of a letter that makes my heart crack
You prey on me like I'm some kind of snack
You're like a ravenous animal about to attack
Don't think I'll give up this time
You drove me crazy, now I lose my mind

Roxy hear me
Can't you hear me?
Please just hear me out
Hear me out
Track Name: My Crooked Smile
I'm miserable and it's nothing new to me
Something I'll be living with for eternity

I'm finding myself all alone once again
And this feeling grows cold underneath my skin

Complacency, is something I've been longing for
But I'm searching in the dark
And always prematurely lock the door

My crooked smile it's just denial
Cause nothing's fine in my head
I think I'm better off dead

Though I hate to admit
I've become so desperate
I shouldn't dwell on it
But sometimes I wanna quit
So I'll quit

I am all alone, searching for someone
To call mine, to call my own, but I know
I am stuck here with
My stupid, vile
Crooked smile, it's just denial
Cause nothing's fine in my head
Maybe I'm better off dead
Track Name: Vain
I've been wanting more for so long
Now I have the courage to admit that something's wrong
Why can't you just see who I am?
I'm always here for you
Just break my back
But this pain, I can't withstand

I try so hard but it's all in vain
No reason for you to stay
I'll go on alone
I can't live my life on standby
Won't hold on to be denied, again
I'll go on alone

Can you feel it in the air?
Though you say your promises
Deep down, I am so scared
I always want to say something
But it never comes out
No matter what happens
I will always have my doubts

Finally, I'll say what I must say
No more delay
I don't know what you'll do now, it's all grey
I'm falling away

I hope we'll be over this one day
But for now, and until I can regain my will
I must keep my distance from you
Please don't, please don't get me wrong
I don't think this is your fault
It's mine, I'm just a stupid guy
Please stop wasting your time
So don't waste your time on me
Track Name: Oath
Sometimes I can't help but drown in my own silence
Some lines, I can't get off my tongue, so I choke on them

I go down in a sea of bashfulness
I need you to pull me up, could you pull me up?
But I know you'll ignore my signs of distress
So sink me with this ship, cause I just can't abandon it

I'll clear my mind of these hopeless thoughts
Cause I can't talk to you, or anyone
So when my chest caves in, anxiety's my only friend

You know I can't open my mouth when I see you
And I'm rotting inside my own mind but there's nothing I can do

Sometimes I can't help but drown in my own silence, I can't help it
Track Name: The Reality of it All
Standing on water
Every time I sink again
Back to the bottom
I'm trying hard this time
Still I see nothing but destruction
And it doesn't get any better

Here we go again
I touch down in Heaven then I spin
Back down to Earth
No win, it's a losing situation

I'm running in circles
My life is nothing but a record
Stuck on repeat
I've let everyone down
And I cause nothing but destruction
Will I ever get any better?


Showing all the love, now it's gone
Where have we been?
And I've had all these friends
But they left in the end

I keep losing, I'm losing